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Reputation is killed first

Not long ago, people, even those who had read “Bild”, cried “Bild-journalism” whenever they disliked something in the media. Nowadays, the image of journalism is damaged in tv-crime-stories each evening. In the scripts you find words like “blowflies”, “rats”, “vultures” or “mob”. Not only rightwing populists use the character killing slogan “Lie-press” by now. Many people like to blame the media and the unions just like that, and now Trump is trumpeting, getting away with it: “I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth!”The freedom of opinion gets dangerous to someone like him. And not only to him. Despots are afraid of judicial journalists. In many countries on earth journalists risk their health and their life for the freedom of opinion. Those who are against democracy take one step after the other. As long as there is still the freedom of the press, they try to ruin the image of the media. Others profit by making journalism cheaper and less intelligent. We are witnessing a concentration of media to an extent unknown, the loss of jobs, restructuring, the lack of civil courage and the results. Media quality and variety will vanish, if readers, viewers and listeners don’t ask for it and if there is no way any more to compare and to measure. A lot of persons violate personal and author’s rights in the internet on a massive scale. The more important is it that the image of journalism is not damaged any more and that the press codex is respected. Each journalist and each single medium shall be measured by it. For the sake of democracy. For the defence of human rights.